Christmas Doings

We’re in the middle of a busy Christmas weekend. On Friday we had our annual Christmas luncheon for our extended work group, about 75 people.

Then Friday afternoon we drove to Granbury for our annual sleep over at the Barnetts’ house–always great to see our old Bible study friends. We attended the musical “Meet Me in St. Louis” at the Granbury Opera House–that was lots of fun.


Saturday afternoon we assembled our choir at the annual Ben Franklin sing along, and got some peppermint fudge for our efforts.



Then we drove to Arlington to meet someone who wants me to do her wedding cake next May, and that was also a chance to visit the Container Store.

Back home I made, for the 5th or 6th time, my latest favorite Christmas dessert–Cranberry Christmas cake. Easy and very flavorful, and served without icing.



We are also having some very strange weather here today.  The temperature dropped from 75 to 25 in about 10 hours.  One of those days we had both the air conditioner and the heater on in the car!


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