Pre-Christmas Update

Our choir did our Christmas cantata last Sunday.  Our numbers continue to dwindle, but we have some talented singers, so we don’t sound so bad.  (I’m not one of the talented ones–I just follow those who are.)


David sent this very cute photo of Micah enjoying a Christmas gift. Their family is currently enjoying a ton of snow at their annual pre-Christmas gathering in Leavenworth.


Rachel is also enjoying her gift from Grandpa (it wasn’t gift wrapped, so it got opened before Christmas).


As for me, I think I’m getting some new glasses for Christmas. I had my annual exam today and learned a new word: brunescent. I’m not an ophthalmologist, but I am an arm-chair linguist, so I easily figured out what this word meant: my cataracts are turning brown. You know–brunette. The dr. says still not ready for surgery, but new glasses should help some.

Lastly, though I am not at liberty to reveal the details, I have to say that due to an email I sent to correct a mistake, somebody is getting $16,000.00 for Christmas this year! 🙂


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