Vacation is Ending

We have been working like crazy around here for the last three days. We have rearranged 7 rooms in our house and it was a lot like solving a “15 puzzle” where there is only one empty spot and you have to shift all the pieces around to get them in the right order.

The end result is that now Rachel has moved into the smaller bedroom in the apartment; the larger apartment bedroom has two twins in it for visitors or short stay renters; the loft is in the former piano room and is stacked high as our storage unit with the other side being the new craft room; the living room can now be a place to sit and visit; Rachel’s old room is now the TV room; and “the hole” is somewhat less congested so one can now actually walk thru it.

This meant two more carloads of stuff to the boutique, and in a day or two a truckload of stuff to the Wyco warehouse. We continue to try to pare things down, but it still seems like we have a lot of stuff.


In other news, Gary planted our little live Christmas tree. Lucky for him, the hole was already there from last season when he delayed planting the 2015 tree so long that it died. See in the background how large one grew from a previous year.


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