Motherless Child

I’m glad my Sunday School kids don’t read this blog because then they’d know how often I use them for subject matter. Today we gathered for class and did our usual little chit-chat to start off. I asked about getting back to school, how did that go, and somehow one child started talking about a kid at his school whom he really disliked, blah, blah. I jumped in and said but we should be kind even if we don’t like the person, blah, blah. Then he said, “My mom just dumped me at my grannie’s house and I haven’t see her for 3 years.” Yikes.

Then another child said, “Well, how do you think we feel? We haven’t seen our mom for 3 years either (the “we” referring to herself and her two brothers, all in my class.) The first child says, “Your mom is here at church.” At which time I jumped in and explained that these 3 kids were adopted a few years ago. Then I went on and asked the three, “But I thought you got to have visits with your mom?” and they told me, “Our mom has to schedule them and she hasn’t scheduled them for three years.” Yikes again.

Then as I was sitting in choir, feeling neither well nor good, I heard the reader mention orphans who have been abandoned just as I cast my eye upon yet another young child, and I remembered her mother committed suicide.

Wow, thank God our church is full of capable substitute mothers.

These thoughts are swirling in my head as Rachel and I prepare to drive to a funeral where we grieve with three more motherless children.

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