Health Update and Regular Update

Well, Rachel’s pollen allergies are somewhat better, but not completely gone.

We hear from NY that Bella and Scarlet are sick. Who is Scarlet? you may ask–she is their new dog. A Dachshund who is kinda cute. Except when she has diarrhea during the night. After Bella had vomiting all morning. Let’s hope they both get to feeling better soon.


The next person on the DL is me. I have a problem with the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. I think I wrecked it Thursday afternoon when I was getting a heavy bag from high in Rachel’s closet. It started hurting Thursday night so I couldn’t sleep, and by Friday morning was was in a lot of pain. Fortunately for me, I already had a dr. appointment at our clinic scheduled for Friday for a different reason so while there I saw the regular doctor too and she called it tendonitis of the infraspinatus, one of the muscles that connects to the rotator cuff. She gave me a prescription for pain (Tramadol), but it did not even work and it did make me vomit–ugh. I switched to Advil. I’m supposed to keep my arm in a sling for 3 days and then slowly start moving it again. I never knew just how useful shoulders were until I tried to do things like wash my hair, put on underwear, or pull up my own pants!–I’m helpless and wincing in pain!

In other news, David has a job!  At least he will have next August or so.  I don’t know the name of the place, but I do know that it is near the building where Sarah works part of the time.  Congratulations to him!

In spite of my shoulder injury, I finished a cake on Saturday.  Fortunately for me, Gary and Rachel were on hand to help and a lot of the work had already been done by the time I hurt myself.


I tallied up my cake earnings for 2016 and I made over $1200.00 (gross).  That means after I pay for my expenses, I can pay Rachel and myself $.50/hr for our time!!    At least I kinda do it for the fun, and Rachel is learning how to help, so it is all good.


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