MLK Day and Finishing Christmas

January 14 seems too early to have a day off work, but we’ll take it!

First thing we did this morning was notice how much better my shoulder is feeling. I find that rather amazing because on Friday the pain was pretty much unbearable. Today it still hurts, but only when I get it in certain positions, rather than just constantly throbbing like it did on Friday and Saturday. I’m doing gentle movements and will try not to to reach backwards so as to re-aggravate it until it is really healed.


Next thing we did was read Christmas mail. We got so much of it during the holidays I couldn’t keep up, so I saved it all in a folder and I’m reading it out loud to Gary now that things have quieted down. I left up the Christmas card display so I could enjoy these visual reminders of how many nice friends we have.

We went to Taco Cabana for lunch, then did errands at Home Depot and Target. After returning home I hung three sets of curtains on Rachel’s side, including turning a Thai skirt into new bathroom curtains! Then I installed a bathroom caddy and changed lightbulbs in Rachel’s bathroom. Gary figured out how to get the wireless signal to work better on Rachel’s end and I revived Gary’s old stereo system so he can listen to his classical music CDs again. So we got a few things done around the house and that always feels good.


One Response to “MLK Day and Finishing Christmas”

  1. Carol Orwig Says:

    You wear me out, just reading what you do on a holiday!

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