Back to Birding

Here it is January 21 and I haven’t even been out birding yet this year. So I got up kinda early and went to the State Park for 3 hours.  Here’s proof I got up early:


The park is still a mess from the floods in May 2015.  Not many repairs have been done, however, they did tell me some funding has been secured to start on fixing it back up. So when I go birding now it is only at the very south end of the park.  There are almost NO ducks to be seen, just a handful of Mallards. The ducks vacated when it flooded and haven’t been back.  I saw 23 species today including a Northern Flicker who was having a heated discussion with a Northern Cardinal about who owns this tree.


There were lots and lots of Cedar Waxwings about, and they are almost silent.


Vultures watching from afar.



Sad to say, it looks like we are going to have fewer birds but a lot more traffic–about a million new apartments are being built just a few blocks down the road from our house:



In other news, yesterday we cut work to watch the inauguration and then in the afternoon I took Rachel shopping where she bought something she needed–a new winter coat. She used a Gap/Banana Republic gift card she got for Christmas to buy the deeply discounted coat and a new belt, and she still got a few dollars change. I like that kind of shopping!



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