Still Coughing, But Slowly Getting Better

I finally went to our clinic today so I could be checked for pneumonia. Thankfully, none. But she did concur that I had likely had the flu, along with lots of other people.

She prescribed some heavy-duty anti-cough pills which makes me hope that I’m going to finally getting a good night’s sleep, something that has eluded me for the last 12 days.  She said I shouldn’t be contagious and could go back to work if I feel like it.  We’re actually having a visitor tomorrow, who plans to use our guest room, so I hope I’m  well enough to be a decent hostess.

Andrew and Bella had a snow day today–looks like that dog (Scarlet) doesn’t mind dragging her belly in the snow.


Sarah recently sent this photos of what Micah has been building at Kindergarten.  These magnetic pieces were someone’s great idea.



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