I Just Saved Several Hundred Dollars

Maybe over $1000.

Our refrigerator quit working early this week. That is especially annoying due to the fact that it is only 4.5 years old and the fact that I’m not quite recovered from the flu didn’t help my mood about it. We still have a small refrig out in the apartment, so we emptied the food out of the big fridge and into a laundry basket which we dragged over to the apartment fridge. I tried to figure out the problem: there seemed to be some ice where there shouldn’t have been, so we let it thaw out, cleaned around the compressor a little, then plugged it back in. The freezer seemed to be getting cold, so with that little encouragement, we put all the food back.

Mistake. It still wasn’t working very well. So we took everything back out, schlepped it back to the apartment fridge, then tipped over the big fridge and found a disgusting amount of filth that need to be vacuumed out. Surely that would solve the problem, so we filled it back up and waited.

Mistake. A third time we took everything out and dragged it to the apartment fridge. Gary exclaimed, “I get so tired of laundry basket condiments” which might not sound that funny to you, but it was a mockery of Rachel declaring many years ago “I get so tired of Reddy Ice” when we used to drive past their factory on the way to church.

Anyway, I gathered my strength together for battle and hit the internet to find a Youtube video to tell me what was wrong with my refrigerator and how to fix it. I mean, it would seem immoral to put the thing in the landfill after only 4.5 years to say nothing about the cost of replacing it.

Well, it turned out to be easier than expected: its symptoms indicated a burned out evaporator fan which I was able to remove after taking out the ice maker.  We ordered from our local U-Fix-It store and 26 hours later I had installed it.  This time we waited several hours to prove it was plenty cold before we moved the food in!



2 Responses to “I Just Saved Several Hundred Dollars”

  1. Patricia nosker Says:

    Way to go Linda


    You are amazing!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


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