Let’s see, what to update.



The internet doesn’t have enough food photos, so I’ll add a couple more. I recently made this yummy, crusty bread in the cast iron pot that Andrew and Laura got me for Christmas. I also made lasagna in the covered casserole that David and Sarah got me a year ago Christmas.

In spite of my previous post, the Ethnologue isn’t really done. Poor Gary labors on to get all the tiny details right. Today he worked on acknowledgements and the introduction. There is always a stray punctuation mark or trailing space to throw off his calculations. But anyway, it is close.

It is about time to start the taxes, isn’t it. That is always a big chore. I’d better get started. Rachel’s will be more complicated now that she’s a business owner (of sorts).

The weather here has been crazy warm. It got up to 90 this past week and it is February. I fear this will mean a miserable summer.

Well, I should go finish the laundry and bake a birthday cake.


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