Gary is Home

Gary’s flight arrived on time yesterday morning, back from Thailand. I had a bit of a hard time getting to the airport since I-20 was down to 1 lane due to a highway sign that had blown down in the rather bad storm the during the night. We went straight to the office, arriving just in time for coffee break to celebrate these two ladies’ birthdays. I made them baskets of cupcake flowers–another idea I copied from the internet–and they turned out kinda cute.

In other news, about once a year I (accidentally) flood the laundry room (errant sock stuck in the drain) and today was the day. This routine assures that the floor gets mopped at least annually.  At the moment I have piles of stuff out on the deck drying out.

Rachel got a new credit card today. She got a fraud alert on Sunday night and sure enough she hadn’t used her card at all on Sunday. Customer service was efficient and helpful, and a new card arrived promptly. Now she is having to change all those monthly charges over, and that is a hassle.

Gary is dealing with jet lag right now, but I’m making sure he is drinking lots of water and eating so he won’t have a repeat of the 2001 Near-Fatal Jet Lag episode when I had to call 9-1-1 after returning from Thailand.  You remember–I was talking to him and it seemed the lights were on but nobody was home.  So I slapped him and he just sat there with his eyes open.  That’s when I called 9-1-1 and said “my husband is acting weird.”  Duh!  — very descriptive, huh?  When the ambulance got here they said he was dehydrated and very low blood sugar.  It makes a good story and we laugh about it, but we have been more careful with these long-haul flights since then.


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