We had just gotten to sleep on Friday night when we were awakened by the sound of the tornado siren. Weird, since an hour earlier the weather was still and clear. Five minutes later it stopped. Ten minutes later it started again. What?? I almost called 911, like the 4,400 other Dallas city residents who did. The sirens continued to go on and off for the next hour fifteen minutes. Yeah, hard to go back to sleep.  Now we’re hearing it was a hacker.

Rachel got sick on Friday with a cold.  She canceled Friday night and Saturday morning events but did make it to an outdoor wedding Saturday night where her job was to keep the kids from running off into the forest during the reception.  She is still clogged up, but already doing better.

Today was Palm Sunday.  In my Sunday School class we finished off the story of Joseph (that is quite a story) and did a quick review of John 12 before helping the younger classes with their palm branches:

I’m making some cookies this afternoon while Rachel and Gary are watching golf.  A rather boring game, in my opinion, but at least it is easier to follow than football.  And safer, too!  Somebody got a hole-in-one today, so that was exciting.

Gary risked his life to trim the flourishing mulberry trees on Saturday.  Thankfully, no mishaps.  And now the trees will stay away from the neighbor’s house at least 2 years.

We’ve drafted a newsletter and I’ll be getting that emailed out soon.


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