Happy Earth Day 2017

Or, as some in my circles call it, “Happy Creation Care Day.” I believe that both Christians and heathens have a reason to take care of this place where we live.

But that’s not what I’m posting about today–I wanted to show off the cake I made for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the aquaponics system that has been built at the International Linguistics Center. Earth Day was a good day for this event. John Cheng, the brains behind the system, is calling it “Gospelponics.” (But some of us linguists thought it should be “Gospelphonics.” due to its location!)

Anyway, Rachel and I made two giant cakes for the event, one chocolate and one white, but only the white one got decorated. I was able to recreate their logo with buttercream, in a process called frozen buttercream reverse transfer. And since the plants in the aquaponics system grow on fish doo-doo, I incorporated fish and plants into the cake’s border design (but I omitted the doo-doo!).

There were over 150 people at the event and folks got to tour the facility. I’ve seen it before, and the little tomatoes from three weeks ago are large and ripening today. I also went nose to nose with the tilapia in the tanks, and was tempted to steal some fresh lettuce for tonight’s salad.

In other news, Gary left on Thursday and I haven’t heard a word, so either he got lost in London, or he hasn’t figured out how to work the hotel’s internet.


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