We’re Back. And, Yes, It Did Work

Rachel and I are back from our short and intense 3-day, 2-night trip to Portland to celebrate Emma’s 4th birthday. Gary is still on his long trip to Europe (more on that in another blog), so he didn’t come with us. We found cheap tickets on Alaska Airlines, even if the flight times weren’t the best.

I collected photos from my camera, my phone, and Rachel’s phone to make an online album. I”m slowly getting used to the new platform of Google Photos, so I hope you can too. I was able to add a few explanatory sentences inside the album, but they aren’t exactly captions like we had in the old system. Anyway, I hope you can see from this album how much fun we had. Click here to get started:


Note:  Those of you who do not use Gmail and other Google products, please let me know if you have any problems viewing this album.  Also, I think if you click on a given photo, you will get a close up view of it, and you can use the arrow buttons on your computer or the angle bracket sign on the page to move forward through the photos.

Wendell and Judy:  there is one photo especially for you.

We had a fun trip, even if the day prior to leaving was a hectic one for me and even if Rachel had a migraine headache half of the time we were there.  Now, back to the normal routine.


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