Still Waiting for Gary’s Return

Wow, this trip of his seems like it has lasted forever. In actuality, however, the calendar says it is only 16 days. Here is a list of places he went:

  • April 20 depart DFW
  • April 21  sleep hotel in downtown London, visit theologian Chris Wright, go to British Museum (where they’ve now protected the Rosetta Stone from certain people who couldn’t resist touching it), traveling by Tube
  • April 23 go to Heathrow, get ride from kind soul to St. Katherine’s for a week of meetings with boss and coworkers
  • April 28 take the overnight bus from Victoria station to Amsterdam, crossing the channel via ferry
  • April 29 visit SIL board Chair after a 1.5 hour bus trip
  • April 30 visit Royal Museum
  • May 1 visit coworker regarding how well translated NTs in PNG are being used
  • May 2 take 4 trains to get to Holzhausen, Germany
  • May 2-5 train Ethnologue field contributors from Africa and Eurasia
  • May 5 train to hotel in Frankfurt
  • May 6 train to airport, then flight home
  • Saturday night,  May 6 I expect Gary to be home

Gary has been using Rachel’s old cell phone for both an audio book reader and a camera, so we’re expecting a slide show when he returns.  Maybe I’ll post a few photos here eventually.


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