Sunday School Report–Burning Bush

First of all, I should say that Gary got home safely last night. We saw half of his 300 photos taken with Rachel’s old cell phone and will see the rest today. Eventually I’ll figure out how to get a few of them on this blog.

My Sunday School class has finished with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (and Joseph) and now we’re moving on to Moses. Moses is quite an interesting character. I’m making the assumption that since he was reared by Pharaoh’s daughter, he was well educated. So I dug out the hieroglyphic rubber stamp set that Gary bought for me at the British Museum many years ago and we all wrote our names in hieroglyphics.  You know, just like Moses did 3000+ years ago.

Then we read Exodus chapters 3 and 4 about the burning bush and God calling Moses into ministry. For many people, the most interesting thing about this story would be the burning bush, but I find the part about Moses complaining to God that he isn’t capable and can’t talk so good to somehow be more relevant.  It seemed especially appropriate today because one of my kids has a serious problem with his speech–stuttering and hesitating, just like Moses.   No matter, I still make him read out loud just like the other kids, and thankfully the other kids are kind and patient and don’t make fun.  We talked about how God still wanted Moses to be the leader, even if he wasn’t completely capable.  And how God brought Aaron alongside to help.

I printed out the lyrics to the epic song “Moses” written by Ken Medema and performed in this Youtube video.  After reading the story the kids watched/listened to the song, and followed along with the lyrics.  I also told them that Ken Medema was blind, yet God used him and helped him.  The song is kinda long, but I find it rather inspiring,  (Click on the triangle to start the video.)



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