“Emergency” Eye Exam for Gary

On Saturday, amid the mountains of buttercream, Gary started noticing flashes in his right eye and now has a floater there too. After consulting with baby David, we tried to get an eye appointment today at the practice we’ve been going to for 30 years. But they had no openings until Wednesday, so they suggested another place nearby and they had just had a 4pm cancellation, so we took it.

When Gary finally got to see the doctor, he seemed a bit overwhelmed with Gary’s issues: new patient? Stargart’s? When did this start? When did you last see a retina specialist and what was the name? Why didn’t the technician get this retina scan right? etc, etc.

They re-did the retina scan (I think that’s what it was) and I turned off the flash and sound on my camera and snuck a photo:

Quite an interesting machine. Another machine took a photo of his optic nerve.

In the end, the dr. seemed not very concerned about the flashes and the floater, but he did mention cataracts and hints of glaucoma! He is sending Gary to a retina specialist in Dallas, and then wants to do a more detailed glaucoma test in 2 months.


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