So far our summer has been rather cool. Nice, so we don’t have to spend so much money on air conditioning. It has also meant that I can go birding a few more times without melting.  Here are some photos from Saturday morning.  I also recently found a website called iNaturalist where people take photos of any wild thing and upload them and other people  identify them.  Petty cool.  I learned that the last photo below is of a Buttonbush, whatever that is!

I also got around to updating my grandchild photos, keeping photos of the age-2 watercolor portraits and adding recent corresponding photos.  Aren’t they some cute kids??  Micah turns 6 tomorrow.  He left Dallas on his first birthday.  (It’s been 5 years but I still remember that flight to Seattle to be the most miserable flight I’ve ever experienced–sitting on the tarmac for hours waiting for a storm to pass, running out of formula for Micah, poopy diaper and no way to change him, overnight flight with no sleep, etc. etc.)

In other news, Gary is having a little scholars’ workshop this week, part of his ongoing attempt to get the Pike Center for Integrative Scholarship off the ground.  He is also interviewing someone in hopes of they guy joining our Ethnologue team, and that meant a trip to Ton’s last night.

Rachel’s teaching certificate renewal has gone forward but no word yet on whether she has been hired for the job she applied for.  (BTW, it happened again today, as it so often does:  we were at Target (shopping for Isabella’s upcoming birthday) and 4 different children came up to Rachel and just clung on to her–kids she takes care of at on or another of her jobs.  They all just seem to love her!)  For some reason she is having a rather hard time again with pollen allergies.  Jan and Feb she was miserable, then April and May she was fine, then June 1 it got bad again.  😦


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