Summer Is Upon Us

I was thinking about mentioning how hot it has gotten here, but then we heard on the news that it was 116 degrees in Phoenix today. I hope Grandma and Grandpa Simons are staying inside.  Rachel and I have begun our summer swimming plan, but we decided we won’t go until after 5pm to avoid the hottest sun.  It did feel good to get back into the water, even if it is already lukewarm!

Last week’s craft project was to make 4 aprons for Sarah (our auxillary next door daughter) who has built and filled a Little Free Library at her home in DeSoto. She bought three yards of Little Free Library fabric as well as some white fabric for lining, and I turned it into work aprons for the big and little Little Free Librarians.  The idea of a Little Free Library is you build a little place to store books in your yard and the neighborhood kids come and take one and then bring one also if they want to.  We donated a few of our kids’ books since we have little use for them here.

In other news, my computer updated over the weekend and it took so long, and restarted so many times and nearly didn’t restart so often that I though it was a goner.   It took so long even it couldn’t believe it, and it gave me this message.  (But finally it revived and we’re back in business.)

Speaking of computers, I felt quite accomplished today when I (finally) figured out how to get Gary’s and Rachel’s computers to print to my printer over our home network.  And I also figured out how to print from my phone, not that I plan to do much of that.

The lab results came back on my excised skin lesion and it was a basal cell carcinoma, but they got all of it, and it has healed nicely, so no worries there.  Tomorrow Gary goes to the retina doctor so we’ll see what becomes of that.  Speaking of Gary, we took him to the newest local hole-in-the-wall taco place for Father’s Day.


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