Gary to the Retina Doctor

Gary was supposed to be in meetings today from 8am to 8pm, but he skipped out long enough to go to the retina doctor.

The appointment was really just done because the eye dr he recently saw for the flashers and floaters wanted to make sure there was nothing worse.  Turns out the retina doctor was the junior doctor when Gary’s Stargart’s disease was diagnosed 25 years ago, and we had his name on the pre-digital stationery to prove it.  He was a nice guy and got very interested when Gary mentioned “my son, the ophthalmologist.”  🙂  He asked lots of questions about David’s training and job and PhD research.  In the end, he said, “You don’t need me.  Your retinas are fine, except for the Stargardt’s.  No charge.”  Perhaps he was giving us the “professional discount,” once removed.  Anyway, we thank God for his provision.


One Response to “Gary to the Retina Doctor”

  1. David Simons Says:

    You’re welcome…for the professional discount, that is.

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