Cake and Cake

A friend at work bought me a booklet with cake ideas, so I”ve recently tried a couple of them out. The first one was a Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake.  Today’s was the blueberry one in anticipation of my upcoming birthday. We enjoyed it at work and Auntie Carol brought ice cream to go with it.

In other news, Rachel and I went to Target today and bought me a birthday present–two new matching cupcake pans.  The idea is that if both pans are the same material, the cupcakes will bake evenly and be done at the same time.

We’re kinda in the summer doldrums here.  One of Rachel’s jobs is on holiday so she hasn’t had much to do this week.  And we all leave for Washington next Tuesday so we aren’t starting any new projects until we return.  I have been working fairly hard to set up appointments to visit supporters, friends, and relatives during our 10 days away.  I think I’ve got almost everything in place, but not quite.  Another thing I did in preparation for the trip was to try out a slime recipe to see if it would be a fun activity to do with the grandkids.  The slime turned out more like bouncy balls, but that is fun too.


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