Andrew’s a Plumber

Or at least he’s learning how to be one. The undermount sink in their kitchen detatched itself, so he had to figure out how to repair it. It took a bit of doing, a bit of discussing it, a few YouTube videos, and many trips to Home Depot, but he did it. I assume the 2x4s will be removed once the adhesive has plenty of time to set.

In other news, today is get ready to leave day, and here’s what I’ve done so far: went to work for 2 hours, gave haircuts to two people, went shopping, made lunch and dinner, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, spoke to the missions’ commission person to finalize plans, spoke to David to finalize plans, reserved a hotel room, remodeled a shirt for Rachel, edited some powerpoint slides, researched how to make shrinky dinks, and now I need to go pack.  Ugh, it is hard to get ready for a trip, even if you really want to go!



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