2017 Summer Trip, part 1–PD in WA

It turns out that July 4th is a good day to travel by air because everyone who is traveling for Independence day has already gotten there. The roads were clear and the airport manageable. We arrived in Seattle on Alaska Airlines and got a Sixt rental car (new company to me, with good service, but there appears to be a mistake with the billing, so I’ll need to try to sort that out…).

We drove to our son’s mother-in-law’s house and let ourselves in. Not too much later the personal fireworks started and we could hardly believe how many folks were shooting them off! But I was so tired I fell asleep with all the racket still going on.  It was good to see Maureen the next morning and to use her home as a base while we visited other friends in our support team. The weather was perfect.

On Wednesday We got treated to a fabulous evening meal at Anthony’s at a marina, and on Thursday it was breakfast at Shari’s, and a homecooked meal for lunch at a home in Shoreline.

On Thursday we drove to David and Sarah’s house in Portland to perform grandparent and auntie duties while David and Sarah had an overnight at Cascade Locks.



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