2017 Summer Trip, part 2–Portland, The Dalles, Fossil, and Newberg

On Friday David and Sarah returned home shortly after lunch and we made preparations for our overnight to The Dalles.  David was kind enough to drive us (that is, me, Gary, Micah and David) to The Dalles which gave me a break from driving.  We sailed through The Dalles on to a tiny town called Fossil.  There was a fun place to dig for fossils behind the high school.  It was fun, but it was very hot and we only lasted about an hour.  I found the first one, a little leaf fossil.

We had a nice dinner back in The Dalles, then a bit of time at Sorosis park and then we slept at Motel 6.  Next morning we were up early for Egg McMuffins then off to Gateway Presbyterian church to speak briefly in both services, updating the congregation on our mission work which they’ve supported since about 1981.  Micah attended Sunday School during the second service.  A nice family from the church invited us out for dinner at a restaurant near the river, then we drove back to Portland.

Many folks at the church asked about Gary’s parents who are well-remembered there.  One person asked for a copy of Wendell’s memoirs which they said they would read then pass on to others.  I’ll have to get the address to Wendell so he can mail them a copy if he still has a spare.

We weren’t home for very long until we went to Wendi and Fer’s house for BBQ.  Teresa and Terry came so we had a bit of a Simons family get-together.

On Monday Gary and I got up early and went to Tualatin River NWR for a couple hours of birding with my new scope.  Our best thing to see there was a Great Egret off in the distance which turned out to be a Bald Eagle standing on the ground!!  A few minutes later it flew to join its mate in a dead tree in the middle of the area.  After that we drove on to Newberg for lunch with the Websters and a driving tour of George Fox University.  They updated us on news from Santa Cruz and people there that we know.

My photos are in an online Google Photos album.  I’m still learning how this new photo platform works.  Once you click on the link below, click on the first single photo you can see a larger version of it.  Then look in the top right and see a lowercase i in a circle and click that to see a caption or description in a side panel.  Leave the side panel open and use the forward arrow key to move to the next photo and caption.  I know that sounds complicated, but if you do that, you’ll get a little sentence to go with some of the photos.

Click here:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/8hc4Dx6l8lZ00eU52


2 Responses to “2017 Summer Trip, part 2–Portland, The Dalles, Fossil, and Newberg”

  1. Wendell Says:

    There was no lowercase i with a circle around. The pictures were all displayed together but no captions available. Wendell

  2. Linda Says:

    Hmm, try this. Once you see the pictures together, click on the first one. It should enlarge and fill the screen. Then look for the lowercase i within a circle.

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