2017 Summer Trip, part 3–Copalis Beach, WA

Sarah’s dad was kind enough to let us have our family reunion at the beach house he and his siblings own. It was a perfect spot for us. Four bedrooms–one for each couple and one for Rachel and the chickadees. It is two stories, and the upper story has a nice balcony to watch the ocean. The ocean did seem kinda far away, but we learned that Mother Nature had had a hand it that. We looked on the internet and found photos from 60 years ago and the ocean was much closer then. Now there is a shallow river/creek to circumnavigate before getting to the sea.

The weather was perfect and the guy at the little grocery store said, “This is as good as it gets!”  It was chilly in the mornings, but not bad, and warm in the afternoons, but nothing like Dallas warm.  The beach was one of those kind that goes for a mile before it gets deep, so there was lots of safe sand beach and ocean edges for the kids to play.  There were also ocean birds, but I’ll save that for another post.

There was a full kitchen where the kids and I did a little cooking together:  homemade egg McMuffins, pancakes, cookies, and blueberry cobbler.  One day we also made slime/gak/flubber–but we didn’t eat that!  Isabella is getting rather accomplished in the kitchen.  Micah noticed that I was cutting things against my thumb and wondered why I wasn’t bleeding! 🙂 Emma participated some of the time, but she was actually a little sick so I think she slept through the breakfast preparations.

Sarah knew where to go for some entertainment and the kids had fun with arcade games, putt-putt golf, bumper boats as well as hanging out at the beach.

I came home happy that we had had such a nice time together in such a nice location with such nice weather.  It was a good vacation!

Here is the link to the rest of the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/u35PlgMunbJWfz172


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