I had a busy week because it was a cake week. Rachel helped me make 4 recipes of cake this week, two chocolate and two white. I spent about 6 hours yesterday finishing both of these cakes and I was very happy with the results. I’m feeling more and more confident with my techniques, and am finding ways to do the work in short stretches along the way so I don’t have a panic last-minute crisis.

Rachel is in NYC with Andrew and Laura and Isabella for the weekend. They gave her a ticket to Hello Dolly! for Christmas and a plane ticket as well so she could get there to see it. Her original outbound flight was cancelled at the last minute and that left us to scramble to get her there in time as to not miss the Saturday matinee. We rebooked her on an early flight thru Atlanta, her boss let her off work, and we raced off DFW. Fortunately, she had already packed and had everything in the car to leave after work, so we were able to make this change and still get her there. The flight from Atlanta to Laguardia was delayed 2 hours, so she had a very long day getting here, but she made it. She sent these photos from in front of the theater where Bette Midler was staring.  Be sure to read the signs in the back of the photo.

Not only was Rachel having all this fun, it was Andrew and Laura’s 12th anniversary.

Last thing to note today is a shout out to Maureen–she has boundless energy as the leader of Nana Camp 2017.  She even made camp tee shirts. I wish I could do that some time myself!


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