DIY New Sink and Faucet

It was approximately 32 years ago that Grandpa Wendell installed a bar sink in our apartment bathroom. He made it work double duty as a kitchen sink by cutting the hole in the countertop far to the right so there would be a tiny bit of counter space.

But after 32 years the faucets were getting a bit worn out, so I bought a replacement. This will be easy, I thought, since the new one is exactly the same size as the old.

And indeed the two sinks were the same size. However, the new sink had longer strips of the channeling along each underside which holds the clamps, and because of that, the new sink wouldn’t go in the same hole.  Ugh.  I tied two different ways to solve the problem, but in the end I hacked it. I hacked the countertop hole with the hacksaw to be just a little bigger and a little squarer to fit the new sink. It was a big ugly mess, but once the new sink was installed, you can’t even tell.

The new faucet is taller than the old, so that is even nicer. This one hour project took 4.5 hours.


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